The NTL Pension Association exists to represent the interests of members of the NTL Pension Plan. The Plan’s sponsoring employer is Virgin Media and members of the Plan are former employees of the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) and/or NTL who are now either retired, working for Virgin Media or working in Arqiva or elsewhere but with a deferred pension in the Plan.

If you are member of the NTL Pension Plan, but have not yet joined NTLPA please take a look at  About Us, then consider becoming an NTLPA member by joining the Association. This page contains the necessary forms for postal or online applications. The Association is open to all Plan members whether pensioner, deferred or a dependant of a former member. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

If you are an NTLPA member, please log-in on the right side of this page to view a wider selection of postings. Log on information can be found in the NTLPA Newsletter.

 Next Pub Lunch

The next committee meeting will be held on Friday 17th January 2019. This will be followed, from about 12.30, by an informal pub lunch in Stockbridge that all members and friends are welcome to attend. This will be held at the White Hart (SO20 6HF). If there are any issues that you would like the committee to consider please email the Secretary (link). Future dates for 2020 are 20th March, 15th May, 17th July, 18th September and 20th November.

Options letters to Plan Members

The Trustees of the NTL Pension Plan are currently issuing Member Options letters to some Plan Members. In particular most deferred pensioners (those yet to draw a pension) will have received letters and those with small pensions should do so soon. We understand that there will be no options for those with pensions already in payment and so they will not receive such letters. As the decisions involved may be complex the Trustees have agreed with Virgin Media that individual financial advice will be made available at no cost to members. Although the stated objective of these proposals in not to make a profit it is understood that the impact of these options is likely to be positive overall to the funding of the Plan. Please note that NTLPA itself cannot offer any financial advice but in addition to the free advice being offered there are several government websites that aim to offer reliable pension information (as well as many other sites that should be regarded with caution!) Government sites are: pensionsadvisoryservice.org.uk, moneyadviceservice.org.uk, pensionwise.gov.uk and moneyandpensionsservice.org.uk (which aims to bring the above 3 under one heading eventually). There is also some interesting reading from the Pensions Regulator on the subject of Incentive Exercises at thepensionsregulator.gov.uk/en/document-library/regulatory-guidance/incentive-exercises

AGM 2019 – 5/10/19 at Arqiva Emley Moor

The AGM was duly held at Emley Moor.  We had an excellent attendance of over 50 people.  A video presentation by Ross Russell, Chairman of the Trustees, explained progress towards a buy-out of the plan, and attending Trustees answered lots of what may become FAQs about the process and its impact on members. The draft minutes are now available to members in the AGM section of this website. They include a digest of Ross’s presentation and a number of Q&A items on this covered during the meeting. Logged in members can also see Ross’s video now in the AGM minutes section of this site.

Some attending went for a tour of Emley Moor and were left wondering how you could get a 15kW TV transmitter into a broom cupboard these days.  The temporary mast looked very impressive, as were the tales of rebuilding the antennas using helicopters to enable frequencies about 700MHz to be re-allocated.  Such progress!

The committee was re-elected en bloc and the changes proposed the to NTLPA constitution were approved by members.  These are now incorporated into the Constitution as shown elsewhere on this website.  Onwards and upwards…..

Mike Thorne.  Hon Sec

NTLPA Gallery – on the move

The Gallery area of this website contains many items of memorabilia relating to IBA history (in addition to the Memorabilia area of the site). As part of plans to update the website we are moving the Gallery contents to a separate cloud drive and in due course the current Gallery will be removed. The cloud drive can be accessed via this link. Please advise the webmaster of any problems using or accessing this. Many thanks are due to Trevor Birkbeck for converting the Gallery information into a form suitable for this use.

Official website for NTL Pension Plan

The official website for the NTL Pension Plan is operated by the Plan administrators, XPS, on behalf of the Plan Trustees. The site contains all the key documents relating to the Plan such as the Plan Rules and Trust Deed, financial reports to the Trustees and Plan valuations. It also contains helpful documents and links for members. Documents that have been superceded are still available, for reference, in an Archive section.

The site is available to all Plan members at www.ntlpensionplan.com. The site requires a logon and details of this can be found in the 2017 and 2018 Annual Newsletters from the Trustees.

The website was offline for a few days in early October showing just an “IIS7″ banner but is now working again.

Virgin Media results – Q2 19

The Virgin Media financial results for the quarter up to June 2019 have just been posted by Liberty Global. There ia a summary article here which also contains a link to the full results if you want to dig deeper. The interesting top line is that while 7,100 broadband customers were added the number of tv subscribers dropped by 24,600. This presumably reflects the move by many to watch more tv content via the internet rather than the more traditional terrestrial, cable or satellite options. Somewhat surprisingly the number of phone subscribers increased though, as some have commented, this may be more due to the deals available from Virgin rather than actual demand.


The 2019 spring golf competition took place on Thursday 4th April 2019. For full details click here.

The autumn meeting will be held on Thursday 3rd October. See here for details.

Christmas at Crawley Court

Do you remember the occasional Christmas Pantomime at Crawley Court? Well an old script of one has just turned up. If you’d like to relive the experience(!) it can be seen here. We don’t know the author(s) or the year, although 1993 is mentioned in the script, but the players are detailed on page 1. If you have any more information (or scripts!) please email the webmaster.

Virgin Media discount offer

The discounted service offer for members living in cabled areas has been updated. Logged in members can view details here. If you decide to apply for this offer please also let us know by emailing chairman@ntlpa.org.uk so that we can check that things go smoothly.

Do you have a query or suggestion?   Then please use our on-line feedback form when submitting questions or ideas.  In addition, use the same form to contact the committee at any time if you have any matters you would like to raise.