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AGM 2018

The 2018 NTLPA AGM was be held on Saturday 6th October at the Grosvenor Hotel, Stockbridge. Approximately 40 members and partners attended, some from way oop north.  Chairman of the Plan Trustees, Ross Russell gave an interesting and well received presentation on the current and future plans for the Pension Plan.  He painted  a rosier picture than those of recent years, with a deficit of less than 8% currently.   A synopsis is included in the draft minutes which can be viewed in the AGM Minutes section of the site (by logged in members) and will also appear in the next newsletter.  Paul Gibson was re-elected Chairman, Mike Thorne Secretary, Marios Zapitis took over as Treasurer and all existing committee members were re-elected.

Next Pub Lunch

The next committee meeting will be held on Friday 23rd November 2018. This will be followed, from about 12.30, by an informal pub lunch in Stockbridge that all members and friends are welcome to attend. This will be held at the White Hart (SO20 6HF). If there are any issues that you would like the committee to consider please email the Secretary (link).

Member Nominated Trustee Election

We have heard that Peter Heslop is the successful candidate in the recent MNT election and we congratulate him on his success.


You have probably been bombarded with emails recently about the recent changes to legislation aimed at protecting personal data. We have considered the implications of this for NTLPA and have produced a policy statement on this, the current version of which can be seen here.

Christmas at Crawley Court

Do you remember the occasional Christmas Pantomime at Crawley Court? Well an old script of one has just turned up. If you’d like to relive the experience(!) it can be seen here. We don’t know the author(s) or the year, although 1993 is mentioned in the script, but the players are detailed on page 1. If you have any more information (or scripts!) please email the webmaster.


The 2018 autumn golf competition took place on Thursday 25th October 2018. For full details click here.

Email appeal from the Secretary!

We have valid email addresses for most members but we have never had addresses for a few of you who joined before email was commonplace. Also, a few of you may have changed email address and forgotten to notify us. This may (or may not) give rise to error messages which annoy our Secretary! We don’t email a lot, we sent pub lunch reminders to those within reasonable distance (and you can opt in or out of this), and occasionally notifications of other events such as our AGM. You can also choose to receive the newsletter by email rather than in print. So please, if you are no longer getting emails from us, or never have, please contact the secretary (details in Contact Us link above) with your details. Don’t worry if you don’t use email or prefer not to hear from us that way, you will still get everything, apart from topical items, in the newsletter – but you may not get them as quickly.

Official website for NTL Pension Plan

The official website for the NTL Pension Plan is operated by the Plan administrators, Punter Southall, on behalf of the Plan Trustees. The site contains all the key documents relating to the Plan such as the Plan Rules and Trust Deed, financial reports to the Trustees and Plan valuations. It also contains helpful documents and links for members. Documents that have been superceded are still available, for reference, in an Archive section.

The site is available to all plan members at www.ntlpensionplan.com. The site now requires a logon and details of this can be found on page 4 of the August 2017 Members’ annual newsletter from the Trustees. Do take a look and let one of the NTLPA committee know if you think any further improvements could be made. We’ll feed suggestions back to the Trustees.

Virgin Media discount offer

The discounted service offer for members living in cabled areas remains available although it has changed somewhat since it was originally advertised in the newsletter. It is equivalent to a £10 per month discount for life, not just the length of the contract. If you are interested in this offer please contact chairman@ntlpa.org.uk initially for further information.


Do you have a query or suggestion?   Then please use our on-line feedback form when submitting questions or ideas.  In addition, use the same form to contact the committee at any time if you have any matters you would like to raise.